Janice Folmar & Richard Hayes


Janice Folmar

* Realtor for over 20 years

* Passionate for real estate whether assisting a Buyer find the perfect home or a seller ready to relocate.

* Loves working with people and/or families on making the most important investment decision of their lives.

* Believes Service and Compassion is the key to providing open communications, enjoying the experience of buying or selling, discussions and guidance for a win-win resolution for all parties involved.

* Home ownership is the American dream and I am honored to help that dream come true every day!

Phone : (205) 222-2028 (c)

E-Mail : JaniceFolmar@aol.com

Richard Hayes

* Real Estate Broker for over 30 years.

* Believes in focusing on helping Buyers get the home they desire.

* Believes in assisting Seller in obtaining the maximum sales price for their home.

* Witnessed the ups and downs of the real estate market and is always determined to find a solution for any issues connected to the buying and selling process.

* It is all about Service….before, during and after each sale.

* “Life and Success is all about assisting others”

Phone :  (205) 281-4686 (c)

E-mail : RichardEHayes@aol.com

Site: http://janicefolmar.net/

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