One word describes us, passionate. We are very passionate about our involvement with the projects and events we accept.

Each event is unique, special, and is a moment in time, a time to remember, to treasure. Our job is to CAPTURE THOSE MOMENTS that make this time so unique, so they may be re-lived, the essence of the time.

When we take on a project we become part of the team, part of the family. We take our work very seriously; have a passion to help make that special day or event even more special. We put our hearts into every event because we love what we do. You might say we are hopeless romantics. When we see you enjoying yourself with family and friends, no matter what type event it is, we want to help make those special memories last by capturing “time” in pictures, whether still or videographic.

EVENTS - We will shoot but are not limited to:

• Weddings

• Proms

• Graduations

• Children

• Families

• Portraits

• Bar/Bat Mitzvah

• Reunions

• Quinceañera

• Commercials

• Insurance

• Sports Teams

• Sporting Event

• Contract Work

• Aerial

We have photographed events with over 600 and as few as 15.


Film, slide and VHS transfer services to DVD is also available.


Does equipment make a difference? In a word, yes. We have some of the newest photography cameras and lenses, and HD cinematic broadcast quality High Definition video equipment as well as studio lighting.

The equipment is not everything but it does make a difference that helps make your event and the MOMENTS THAT ARE CAPTURED as good as they can be. Anyone who owns a camera can take a picture. We strive to capture your moments with photojournalistic photography. Contact us – we'll show you!


Each event is unique with differing requirements which calls for different pricing. We will work within your budget. Contact us and check us out.

What you can expect.

• First, a one on one to find out what YOU want and what YOUR expectations are.

• Second, the planning and visits to your venue. We will visit until we feel comfortable with all of the factors that will affect your event, lighting (time of day / inside or outside), space, venue requirements, etc.

• Third, we will NOT limit time, personnel or equipment for your event. We use what we feel is necessary to CAPTURE THOSE MOMENTS and that will allow us to provide the very best results.





- RKO Photography

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